The Cultivation



All of our plants are grown using sustainable farming practices and are free of synthetic pesticides. Our unique blend of fertile soil, microclimate, and meticulous farming produce cannabis of the highest quality.



Artisanal and hand trimmed, Tropaya is a high-potency indica to soothe your senses. Grown with the highest quality standards, Tropaya is an exotic cross between two celebrity strains, Tropicana Cookies and Papaya. The result is a premium strain that delivers a euphoric tide of bliss straight to the head and body. Sweet berry and fruit flavors fuse within a dynamic flavor profile, as enticing as the bud’s frosty resin that stretches over twisting hues of green and purple. Tropaya is a garden for the nose and vacation for the mind.



Iced Lemonade is a smooth sativa for those who want to get up and go. Perfect for those seeking an uplifting daytime high, its tart lemon flavor and fruity aromatics will awaken the senses. These colorful plants are covered in orange, yellow, pink, and purple pistils, which translates into vibrant, trichome-covered nugs. The end result is a delicious, high-quality experience that’s sweet and refreshing.



This twist on a classic was bred from a collaboration between pHinest and Cannarado – and a crossing of Do-Si-Dos with Lava Cake. These chunky hybrid buds burst with nutty, earthy flavors reminiscent of your favorite peanut butter, helping to ease the mind and cruise through the day. Tinged with dark green and purple hues, expect frosty flowers caked with a thick, beautiful coat of resin. It’s a premium flower that lifts your mood and provides a blissful relaxation.